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AWS Development Services

An AWS partnership that delivers scalable results via end-to-end cloud services
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Why Choose AWS Development Services

Free-tier Service

Indulge in hands-on experiences of application development services provided by AWS without charges levied. This enables businesses to understand whether a particular service is in par with their requirements. Such services are applicable for a year with a few usage limitations. It offers a complete platform for microservices.

Disaster Recovery

Every business can experience an unfortunate day of disaster that can push the pause button on work. To minimize its blow, a recovery system should be in place that keeps the workflow uncompromised. AWS’ disaster recovery plan keeps the downtime low by restoring and backing-up every data.


Cloud modernization can boost application security with cutting-edge cloud-native security tools and services. This can enhance data security and lessen the likelihood of cyber attacks.

On-demand Pricing

The pay-as-you-go model along with discounts on several AWS cloud services let businesses pay for the spent time on the cloud, with the exception of complex, long-term contracts. Fulfill your technical ends seamlessly!

Reliable Network

Due to its beneficial nature, AWS partnership is growing rapidly. Its reach has engulfed almost 20 geographical locations, from start-ups to public-sector enterprises. Its omnipresence aids businesses with cloud migration and storage requirements.

The Potential Benefits of AWS Development Services


AWS bestows businesses the freedom to work with cloud services, web application platforms, operating systems, and programming languages that they are best comfortable with. Owing to services like AWS EC2, businesses can set up virtual computing ecosystems with desirable operating systems. AWS just has the right services that let processes run seamlessly and easen cloud migration abilities.


AWS lets you build expensive servers, and charges businesses to pay for tools and resources that are used. Its pay-as-you-go architecture gives financial flexibility - allowing people to pay for what has been used for a period of time. It is also a no-commitment platform where businesses can benefit from its perks without committing to AWS.


AWS offers a variety of services like Auto Scaling that let your business scale up or down based on the needs and requirements. This helps the application to always be available with resources. AWS also provides High Performance Computing that drives towards productivity by analyzing vast amounts of data quickly.


One of the greatest benefits of AWS is its elasticity. AWS shrinks resources based on your business needs to fit your requirement, i.e., upsizing and downsizing of resources. It also gives you a number on how many resources are in use.

Easy to Use

AWS presents a user-centric platform that enables clients quick and secure access, and host applications easily. It gets easier to modify data at any given time and location. The AWS Management Console also helps access its hosting platform.

Our Offerings

AWS Cloud Migration

Keep existing solutions secure by migrating them to AWS servers from public cloud platforms. The Josh team offers robust cloud security and enhanced recovery options through cloud migration services.

AWS Cloud Consulting

AWS cloud consultants and architects have the necessary know-how for guidance. This helps with agile implementation of cloud computing solutions in the face of an issue as well as creating AWS cloud-based operations.

AWS Managed Services

Managed services have a library of benefits that help businesses kickstart their AWS journey - software maintenance, setting up stacks, incident reporting and response, self-service deployment, and AWS account management.

AWS Cloud BI & Analytics

Josh Software provides cloud analytics instruments like AWS Redshift and Amazon OpenSearch Service that can help businesses achieve real-time analytic data.

AWS Application Development

AWS application development process manages applications throughout the innovation cycle, leading to heightened scalability and reliability. Josh Software offers the right team who can manage the development process.

AWS Security and Compliance

AWS security is of highest importance. It keeps the data safe and secure, and protects data in the cloud. No matter how big or small the size of the business is, AWS is built to fit all.

Challenges that can be maneuvered with AWS’ cloud computing service

A Secure Data Library :

Build a robust cloud architecture from inception that secure reliable data.

Automate Monitoring :

Boost security and backup services with DevOps tools, enabling testing and deploying applications to AWS.

Go Serverless :

AWS lets you forget about servers in time of building applications in a cloud ecosystem.

Agile Application Development :

AWS tools like Amazon Athena and Amazon ECS let you exercise a modular approach to updating applications.

Reliable Infrastructure :

create reliable and firm global computing infrastructures with AWS.


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