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Product Support Services

With the help of next-gen software maintenance, optimize products based on business needs.

Software Product Support and Maintenance

As technology experiences a constant paradigm shift, it is necessary to keep products updated and ready for optimal functionality. With our product support engineers, Josh Software promises maintenance throughout the product’s lifecycle comprising testing, performance analysis, incident management, and required enhancements, resulting in enhanced efficiency of software solutions.

Why Businesses Prefer Product Support Services

Adoption of a Digital Platform

Research reports that about 75% of customers want quick responses and support with respect to a service. To achieve that swiftness, digital on-demand support aims to maintain a library comprising explainer videos, FAQ pages and guides that can help users solve issues proactively. Even AI virtual assistants can solve this issue by providing self-directed guidance and alert support teams for appropriate solutions.

Better Quality Production

Businesses leverage the perks of product support services as it helps them understand quickly the pain points of their customers with regard to products’ UX. Tickets talking about specific issues can help your business navigate through the sentiments and take proper precautions for product transformation solutions.

Boosted Competitive Edge

More than 80% of customers rely on products that have positive reviews. Thus, building customer trust and loyalty are important. More the relentless support and quick solutions to your users’ problems, the more reliability develops for the particular product and gives your business the competitive edge in the market.

Potential Benefits of Product Support Services

Enhanced Customer Retention Rates

An effortless product support channel that has little to no hurdles results in more customer loyalty rates. According to studies, users value a seamless issue resolution more than product or service experience. This is what maintains and keeps retention rates high.

Boosted Brand Reputation

Negative feedback travels faster than you can imagine, impacting brand loyalty and reputation. This is where product support infrastructure comes into the picture and prevents such adverse cases. Such bad reviews can be prevented from spreading and a faster way to curb it can be possible through a product support system in place.

Improved Product Quality and Reduced Costs

The tickets raised concerning users’ inability to understand a product’s UX can be worked upon through product support, which in turn, helps in strengthening the product quality. It can reduce costs by creating a positive feedback loop that solves customers’ issues quickly and reduces the support pipeline.

Better Customer Experience for Product Development

Product support services act as the perfect funnel to segregate user feedback that reflects what users feel about a product. These feedbacks help in understanding how to improve the product and create an optimal customer experience as well as product development.

Our Offerings

Q&A and Functional Testing

Throughout the lifecycle of the product development, our product service management team will ensure timely automation and regression testing to maintain the product’s optimal performance and functionality.

Product Maintenance

Under product support and maintenance, our team offers aid with respect to performance monitoring, version upgrades, and product troubleshooting. It helps with finding glitches and negative user feedback early and solving them.

Product Security Management

It is important to safeguard the product from cyber threats and breaches. To maintain a robust product, it is necessary for our experts at Josh Software to run penetration testing, 24x7 monitoring, and create vulnerability reports.

Product Optimization

It is extremely vital to keep your business’ products up-to-date with the evolving business requirements. Thus, our product support alchemists ensure to modify each feature with time through tools like slowdown detection, configuration management, product re-architecture, and software integration.

By collaborating with the best Product Support Service provider, you may overcome the following challenges

Scalability and Performance

The optimal use of our product support solutions can render a positive experience for users. To stay updated with the ever-changing technological requirements and business needs can be challenging. Thus, our Josh Software team proffers top-notch product maintenance and support measures to stay ahead of the competition.

On-the-spot Resolution

It can be quite the task to find the perfect solution for a question raised by a user. Leaving them at an ambiguous spot will surely not leave a positive impression. To resolve this, it is necessary for a product support tool to maintain a library of such answers and FAQs that can help the support team as well as the users.

Spontaneous Responses

Like it or not, customers do not like to wait around. They prefer spontaneous responses and solutions to their problems, and to keep them waiting definitely adds up to a bad user experience. Josh Software helps to steer clear from such experiences by providing the best product support tools, such as AI chatbots and live chat. Finding the ideal product support provider can do wonders for your business.

Crisis Management

Having a well-organized plan to deal with crises is of absolute necessity. Letting your customer service unshielded to deal with an influx of issues can be quite daunting. Thus, manage such discomforts seamlessly by building a plan and managing workflows accordingly. Automate the process and let agents identify and mitigate escalated tickets.


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