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Test Automation Services

Increase customer adoption and reduce maintenance costs while delivering top-notch software products.
Josh Software offers advanced testing as a service and quality assurance with the help of powerful automation tools like Selenium and advanced testing to ensure robust functionality, performance, security, usability, and accessibility across web and mobile, cloud, and microservices deployments. We aim to increase the adoption of software products.

Why Businesses Prefer Test Automation Services


The key reason for testing services is maintaining a robust security system. It is of utmost importance to keep sensitive and classified clientele information safe from getting stolen. For people to trust the software, it is thus crucial to have a secure framework in place that can battle malware attacks.

Product Quality

Quality assurance’s robot framework helps businesses test and identify loopholes, if present, and launch bug-free software for users. Running tests shapes the product for optimal functionality, which helps with value delivery. Developing such applications help create a positive user-experience and improve brand awareness and sales.


Quality assurance (QA) services are extremely important for a business’ growth. To achieve user satisfaction, it is necessary to perform quality assurance that reduces legal expenses and additional costs, for instance reselling of faulty products.


It is necessary to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and the marketplace. Regular tests help businesses understand outdated features and replace them by writing new codes, resulting in the addition of new features.

Potential Benefits of Test Automation Services

Reduced Additional Expenses

The implementation of quality assurance tests throughout the software development lifecycle prevents bugs and succumbing to extra costs. This helps in detecting bugs at an earlier stage, which in turn opens the door to faster resolution of errors.

Heightened Privacy

Security is extremely important to keep client’s private information safe. A single leak of important data or a hack can lead to loss of cost and time. QA testing and automation comprise safety protocols and measures that safeguard the products and make them inaccessible to hackers.

Productivity and Efficiency

The use of agile methodologies and a well-planned strategy using QA automation and testing tools results in a more organized management of the development process. This method helps in testing as it gets built rather than to wait till it's finished.

Better User Experience

The presence of quality assurance agents make support available 24x7. Not just that, with the growing popularity of UX designs, it is necessary to test your product before launch for it to be glitch-free.

Our Offerings

End-to-end Functional Testing

Our testers at Josh Software analyze your product’s functionality by combining the test automation framework with our in-house best practices across the web & mobile, and API to ensure that they function as intended, ensuring great omnichannel and customer experiences.

Automation Testing

Josh Software offers professional test automation experts who increase your testing velocity and expertise across the entire product development lifecycle by harnessing the right set of pragmatic automation strategies.

Customer Experience Testing

Our team improves your customer experience by understanding your business processes, customer requirements, and the entire customer journey to identify areas of poor service across multiple channels to boost your product adoption.

Security Testing

Our software testers assess your security policies and infrastructure by running a wide range of cyberattack simulation tests for quality assurance to detect vulnerabilities and potential risks, and secure your product.

QA Outsourcing

We aim to create a phenomenal experience from start to finish of the development lifecycle. We take full responsibility in the development and quality assurance processes that offer different types of assistance, including the planning of a testing strategy.

Mobile Testing

Our state-of-the-art mobile testing services are engineered to deliver a glitch-free mobile interface experience. These services include mobile web testing, mobile application testing, and mobile execution.

By collaborating with the best Test Automation Services provider, you may overcome the following challenges :

Collaborative Efforts

Inadequate collaborative efforts amongst QA experts can hamper the flow of the planning and development. This can be curbed with proper flow of communication within the testing team through project stand-ups to maintain transparency in delivering goals. Clear communication between developers and QA teams can yield faster and better testing results.

Proper Documentation

It is of absolute necessity to document project requirements that can help track critical stages and developments. The process helps QA teams build respective tests and analyze respective outcomes.


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