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Healthcare Services

Reshaping the healthcare sector with advanced health technologies and frameworks for faster diagnosis and accurate treatment


Recent years have seen a rise in healthcare technologies. Studies have concluded that about 90% of healthcare professionals have benefited from digital transformation services. It has shaped the healthcare industry and delivered an array of benefits like personalized experiences for patients, faster diagnosis and treatment procedure, minimal paperwork and costs, and a secure database for proper management of inventory.
With the help of our IT healthcare services, we ensure that we proffer tailor-made solutions that cater to your specific needs. With a range of technological solutions backing, we can empower by rendering services like consulting, better collaboration between healthcare providers, risk management, and discovery of new drugs and medicines.
A healthcare solution platform with the help of advanced medtech solutions that can reshape the way medical professionals and patients communicate. At Josh Software, you can benefit from the aiding hands of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain technology and other such solutions, which can automate the sector and enhance patient’s safety, offer real-time care and treatment, better patient-doctor interactions, and improve control over illnesses and diseases.

Our Offerings

Digital Transformation

Stay ahead of the competition with our digital transformation services that lets you evolve with market trends. We help in building a customer-centric application that knows how to attract and retain customers.

Healthcare IoMT

Our services pertaining to Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) improves patient experience and reduces the in-person waiting list, accuracy of medical data, faster treatment, and personalized patient care.

Healthcare Wearables

Wearable technology is one of the most advanced healthtech solutions that promote proactive healthcare and enhance patient engagement. Medtech apps led to remote health monitoring which increased disease control. Josh Software developers can boost your business by proffering seamless experience through wearable devices like ECG monitors and biosensors.


Telemedicine has made the exchange of medical information easier through e-communication channels, benefiting patient’s health. It has been of extreme help to urban as well as rural people who can receive immediate clinical help. It also reduced travel costs and rendered seamless collaboration between healthcare providers.

AI or ML Initiatives

Implementation of our AI or ML solutions render better analysis of patient data, faster diagnosis, development of drugs, and personalized treatment plans. Our scientists can guarantee scalable and valid results, as well as attain unparalleled operational efficiency.

Healthcare App Development

As the digital landscape evolves, the healthcare industry changes dramatically to captivate customers and gain operational efficiency via the many digital solutions proffered by us. Elevate your digital presence through web and mobile app development by expanding your growth with our transformational services.

Healthcare technologies have been instrumental in the amelioration of the health sector. It led to better access to medical records, better patient care, and reduced medical errors. Our in-house healthcare product, Kimaya NICU is a cloud-based initiative. It is an easy-to-use application that aims to make nutritional calculations accurate and fully automated. The medtech solution offers error-free and comprehensive TPN readings, print reports, and calculates premature infants’ food intake.

Our Services

Backed by our vast knowledge in healthcare IT services, Josh Software can reform the way medtech services are carried out. Digital transformation has benefited by increasing medical accuracy, seamless data collaboration, improving patient care, and quicker diagnosis. With our advanced technological frameworks, the healthcare industry can move forward and adapt with the evolving marketing needs.
  • Consulting and Discovery
  • Healthcare application development
  • Pharmacy management solutions
  • HIMS software development
  • Telehealth solutions
  • Healthcare cloud services
  • Regulatory compliance solutions
  • Payment gateway integration solution
  • Claim management services
  • EMR, EHR and PHR solutions
  • Blockchain-powered fraud detection and risk management


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