Cloud Computing: The Digital Shift 2.0 – Understanding the Current Market Trends


Impossible Go
At Gophercon UK 2019
By Gautam Rege (2 October 2019)

At RCI 2019
By Gautam Rege (19 January 2019)

Standup Comedy and Ruby Programming
At RubyConf Philippines 2018
By Gautam Rege (2 April 2018)

Dark Side of Ruby
By Gautam Rege (29 Jan 2017)

GoFFIng Around with Ruby
At RubyConf Philippines 2017
By Gautam Rege (21 June 2017)

To fear or not to fear: That is the question
At RCI 2016
By Shweta and Anuja ware (26 April 2016)

Lost while developing API’s in Rails?
At Deccan rubyconf 2016
By Pramod SHinde (31 August 2016)

Rewarding Open Sourse with $$$
At Agile india 2016
By Gautam Rege (23 April 2017)

Gamifying Open Source
At XP Conference India 2016
By Gautam Rege (26 September 2016)

Gopher it
At Web Summit 2015
By Gautam Rege (4 Dec 2015)

KimayaNICU on CNBC Awaaz Enterpreneur
By Gautam Rege (2 Nov 2015)

Panel Discussion
At Deccan Rubyconf 2015
By Gautam Rege, Satish Talim (25 August 2015)

Affordable Smart Housing – the new revolution
At Tech Summit
By Gautam Rege (8 Dec 2015)

Don’t Test Your Code
At Agile India 2015
By Gautam Rege (April 17 2015)

Why Ruby must Go
At Rubyconf Portugal 2015
By Gautam Rege (4 Sept 2015)

The Dark Side of Ruby
At Red Dot Ruby 2014
By Gautam Rege (21 July 2014)

Push it push it some more
At Rubyconf India 2012
By Gautam Rege (May 2012)