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Creating advanced solutions to drive digital transformation in the insurance space.

Changing the Face of Insurance with our Diverse Offerings

To stay up-to-date with the requirements of the modern insurance market, industry experts must digitize their mode of operations. With advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, the insurance industry has experienced digital transformation and quickly adapted to the needs of the modern fintech ecosystem.
Our all-encompassing InsureTech services are made exclusively to address the issues faced by agents, brokers and carriers. At Josh, we reimagine the insurance environment by learning about every business’ unique pain points. This allows us to deliver personalized IT services best suited for your insurance needs.
Having in-depth familiarity with modern medical practices, clinical procedures, and cutting-edge technology places us in a prime position to identify promising growth areas. We bring the much-needed digital disruption to the insurance industry, thanks to our more than a decade of experience and our brand’s commitment to constant change.

Our Offerings

Insurance Underwriting

Bank on our expertise in mortgage, default, and bank underwriting to make educated decisions and determine fair risk pricing. We further help in reducing underwriters' administrative tasks so they can concentrate on revenue-generating pursuits like client retention and upselling.

Claims Processing

To better help insurance companies establish unified, cross-channel claim processes, we aid in the development of insurance claims management software solutions. As a result, we are able to streamline the claims process.

Risk Management

Insurance companies have the opportunity to benefit from our cutting-edge risk management services, which include the utilization of data analysis and threat identification to reduce risk and improve results.

Digital Transformation

Through our digital transformation services, we assist in advancing the insurance industry. Insurers and Insurtechs can benefit from Josh Software's digital transformation services to adapt to emerging market trends and build sustainable businesses.

Cloud Services

Explore the possibilities of cloud services to easily manage and access critical data from anywhere, at any time, with enhanced security and compliance. Our cloud practitioners can help you design and implement the right cloud-based insurance business solutions.

Data-Backed Services

The insurance industry is experiencing a data-driven revolution as it reveals hidden patterns in consumer behavior and market trends. With the right data engineering and analytics services, our team can help your company succeed in the modern market.

Our Services

We have extensive experience in the insurance industry and work closely with global insurers to improve policyholders’ overall experience. Josh Software is helping businesses all over the world adjust to the changing needs of their customers with digital insurance services. Understanding that the insurance industry has unique needs, our expert consultants take the time to learn about those needs in order to provide IT services and solutions that are tailored to those demands.
As a technology company specializing in the insurance industry, we’re able to meet the needs of a wide variety of market segments by providing them with flexible, all-encompassing solutions that can be implemented quickly.
  • Advisory, Consulting and Strategy (Consulting & Discovery)
  • CX Optimization and Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation Services
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solutions
  • Omnichannel Insurance Client Experiences
  • Fraud Detection & Smart Insurance Contract Execution
  • Process and Technology Optimization
  • Cloud Adoption and Migration Services
  • Technology Stack Modernization and Re-engineering
  • Application Development and Maintenance – Custom Software Development, Application Maintenance, System Integration, Support & Migration

Insurance Solutions

Meet our brainchild – Quickinsure, a place where we help you pick the insurance policy that’s right for you and your budget. The insurance professionals at Quickinsure will give you the best advice possible. We make it easy for you to purchase the best policy in a matter of clicks, and we quickly deliver it to you, helping you save money and time!


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