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Gopher Con

Country’s Best Golang Conference Presented by Josh Software

Gophers from Josh made their presence at the sixth edition of Gopher Con India which was held in Pune. Led by our own Go veterans, the conference was nothing short of exciting. Furthermore, we were stoked to see fellow enthusiastic Gophers partake in the community meet-up, exchange ideas, and engage in insightful one-on-one sessions.

Why Businesses Prefer Golang

Gaining Traction in FinTech

Fintech players are moving to Golang to run high-load, distributed applications based on a microservices architecture foundation.

Making Media Accessible

Streaming giants are leveraging Go for its low latency in managing client connections, while live streaming platforms are using the language for uninterrupted video and chat features.

Embracing the Cloud Transformation

Known for its rapidity in compiling down to a static library without any dependencies, many tech majors are amplifying their cloud transition efforts with the Golang.

Potential Benefits of Golang

Undisputed garbage repertoire

Go makes app development a smooth-sailing process with its automatic memory management, enhancing the overall performance of your application.

Simplifying cross-platform compilation

Golang’s simple yet straightforward binaries make it accessible across operating systems/platforms.

Unrivaled execution speed

With minimum intermediaries involved, Go is a notch above other programming languages at execution speed.

Less hassle, maximum ease

Golang untethers several lines of code by scouting concepts from other programming languages, thus minimizing code-writing time for developers and expediting the app-building process.

Accuracy in concurrency

With built-in concurrency constructs such as Goroutines and channels, Golang is picture-perfect for running multiple things simultaneously without impeding the development process.

Source to gazillion resources

Stocked with an array of standard libraries with rich packages, Golang is flawless in addressing complex development issues with applications.

By Collaborating with the best Golang Development company, you may overcome the following challenges:

Security Hurdle :

Security vulnerabilities pose a significant threat to applications — be it whilst building web or mobile-based applications. By embracing the power of Golang’s USPs (garbage collection and memory management), the developers at Josh mitigate common programming vulnerabilities to build foolproof solutions.

Naive language, lack of minds :

Despite being a decade-old language, Golang is still in its infancy, with many developers struggling to write multiple codes to support programs. Experts at Josh provide Golang development services that help create a standout Go-backed application.

Lack of Scalability :

Scalability and performance are two driving forces behind super-seamless applications. Our in-house Gophers take the onus of delivering high-performing and scalable solutions that outsmart applications running on other languages and frameworks.

Our Offerings

Cloud App Development

Aided by Go’s own cloud network, we, as a Golang software development firm, help you build sophisticated cloud applications for hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

Microservices Development

With years of expertise in cloud technologies and architectural patterns, including API services and serverless Golang, we bring you error-free development of micro-services.

Custom Web App Development

Build web applications with Golang by leveraging the language’s coding capabilities. The devs at Josh assist in creating future-ready enterprise Golang web applications.

Support & Maintenance

Our incomparable support doesn’t end with the timely delivery of the project. We take a step further with our Golang consultancy service post-delivery of the project!

Where Go may not work

Golang is the future; however, it is sometimes not the best option to resort to when developing point-of-sale systems. Instead, languages like Java, Python, and C++ are part of developers’ arsenal in creating PoS systems.

Game programming is unique — and requires a certain set of instructions and behaviors. Languages that boast garbage collectors (Go, Java, etc.) may not be the go-to option for gaming developers. C++ and Python have become the ideal programming languages that can replace Golang in creating games.

Although Golang is an upstanding choice when it comes to web applications, it is still not the most suitable option for building mobile-based applications. Languages like C++, Java, and Ruby are the recommended alternatives that help in mastering the art of mobile development.

Golang might be a highly-effective language but it is not as good as Ruby on Rails, and C++ for building eCommerce websites. These languages are far superior in creating heavily-customized online stores and can handle unprecedented traffic as well.


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