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the realest deal

Ep 1: Is Technology a Pain in the Butt?

“In episode 1 of The Realest Deal, host Gautam Rege is joined by Abhijit Lahiri, Former Senior VP of Tech Mahindra, CxO Advisory & Tech Leader, in debating if technology is a pain in the butt? From the convenience of facial recognition to its weaponization in China, from autonomous cars making life more accessible to their posing a threat to our competence & safety, from Dall-E’s admirable artistic creations to its being a thorn in the side of artists. No stone is left unturned in The Realest Deal, enabling viewers to conclude for themselves & put the argument at rest: Is Technology a Pain in the Butt?
The Realest Deal is the podcast you need for an unbiased, unfiltered, and authentic view of business, technology & entrepreneurship. Host, Gautam Rege, Co-founder & Director at Josh Software, uses his extensive industry knowledge to provide viewers with only the real stuff.