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Augmenting Business Growth with a Cloud-First Approach

Managing the implementation, provisioning, and workloads on the cloud requires deep-domain expertise that can easily exhaust an organization’s resources. We provide services to support complex enterprise applications and IT portfolios while balancing the business needs of IT operations and innovation and enabling you to stay focused on strategic, high-value functions.

Why Businesses Prefer Cloud Consulting Services

Cost-Cutting Tool

Cloud computing drastically reduces costs as the bulk of the work is orchestrated by hosting platforms that help mitigate costs with their pay-as-you-go model.

Better Collaboration

Cloud computing greatly facilitates workplace collaboration by promoting open and secure channels of communication and data sharing among employees.

Access to Automatic Updates

Armed with cloud computing, enterprises are assured of receiving automatic software updates, thus allowing them to focus on their core business.

Easy Implementation

Implementing on-premises software can be a laborious process that necessitates ongoing adjustment. The hardware and software elements of cloud infrastructure guarantee the smooth adoption of cloud-based services.

Potential Benefits of Cloud Services​

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

By migrating to the cloud, our clients have reduced the TCO of their IT assets, including massive reductions in both capital and operational expenditures.

Higher Productivity

Our clients experienced more productive staff, thus freeing them for more work to address critical business requirements.

Improved SLAs

Our clients have cut unplanned downtime by 30–40% on average, which has led to better SLAs. We ensure client services/applications are available & fault-tolerant at all times.

Better Go-To-Market

By automating DevOps processes, we help our clients roll out new features and implement cutting-edge, highly scalable, and secure applications with reduced failure rates for our clients.

Enhanced prototyping

In the transformation stage, cloud transformation services allow users to test and deploy applications on various channels without building a complex infrastructure. This enables organizations to choose the ideal computing infrastructure and resources.

Efficient operations

With cloud transformation services, businesses can now improve data access and reduce data silos, trigger seamless real-time collaboration, and boost analytical abilities.

By collaborating with the best cloud development company, you may overcome the following challenges:

Performance :

Inadequate latency during the loading of an application or website can lead to a loss of users and a decrease in revenue. Here at Josh, we offer a dependable and inexpensive solution to the latency issues that plague the web hosting industry.

Multi-Cloud Complexities :

As multi-cloud adoption soars, management can be ridden with challenges that hamper other areas of their business. From the project’s ideation to its completion, the cloud veterans at Josh can help you with your end-to-end multi-cloud strategy.

Interoperability :

Switching between cloud environments can be difficult. We've established ourselves as industry leaders in interoperability innovations that safeguard clients and pave the way for new developments.

Our Offerings

Unlock the most of cloud technology and expand your digital offerings.

Cloud Migration

To avoid lengthy and expensive rework cycles, it’s vital to get the cloud migration right the first time. Our services ensure the best migration path for you based on your unique business scenario, capabilities, and objectives, ensuring greater scalability, productivity, and reduced costs without compromising on cloud security and compliance.

Cloud Managed Services

Managing the cloud implementation, provisioning, and workloads requires deep-domain expertise that can easily exhaust an organization’s resources. We provide IT services to support complex enterprise applications and portfolios while balancing the business needs and enabling you to stay focused on strategic, high-value functions.

Cloud Modernization

Out-of-date IT infrastructures and applications can hinder your cloud transformation efforts. In order to realize the full potential of the cloud, businesses need to adopt modernization into their operations. Here at Josh, we'll be by your side every step of the way as you negotiate the pitfalls of Cloud modernization to create robust, responsive, and secure cloud-native applications.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud costs have the potential to escalate rapidly if not managed effectively, but with the right approach, businesses can realize significant savings. By applying our specialized knowledge to the task of analyzing cloud usage, we make recommendations for improving efficiency and saving money. This results in better bottom-line results and more options for expanding the size of your cloud environment.


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