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How AI Aims to Improve Customer Experience

With the advent of AI-driven chatbots and other initiatives, studies have shown that about 60% of CX leaders have witnessed a positive transformation in customer experience by offering faster solutions and actionable insights.

Artificial intelligence, or in short AI, has revolutionized every corner of the business sector. From inventory management to faster speed to market, AI has left no stone unturned. The perfect amalgamation of machine learning (ML) and AI saw better decision making processes and data analysis to give the target audience what they want. By keeping everything in order, AI streamlines the customer experience journey, which leads to higher generation of leads and sales.

AI customer experience is the way to enhance customer experience through a blend of AI chatbots, ML, conversational applications, and other AI-driven tools. Studies state that such AI efforts have improved customer service in the retail industry by 65%!

Facilitating Personalization

One of the fundamentals of meeting the expectations of your customers is to understand their psyche. AI tools along with predictive analytics help businesses analyze customer preferences and needs. AI lets companies skim through shelves of customer data, and study characteristics like customer buying history, social media activity, demographic details, and browsing behavior. Collecting such information helps build personalized products and services that meet the demands of the consumers. This also boosts service production based on your customers’ priority. By facilitating customization, you create a loyal customer base, eliminate friction from the product search process, and generate more sales.

24/7 Customer Support

It is documented that about 60% of customers will leave a brand in light of poor customer service, showing how gravely important customer support is. It ties customer loyalty to the brand. AI chatbots are one of the most miraculous discoveries that saved customer support! It offers round-the-clock assistance to customers’ queries and keeps the momentum of the communication alive. Chatbots not only solve consumer issues but also reduce manual labor. AI chatbots and voice assistants let customers solve their problems independently, as well as keep the support team’s ticket backlog in check.

Apart from enabling customers to solve their problems proactively, the implementation of chatbots and other AI-driven self-service tools offer a sneak peek into the areas where customers tend to get stuck in the process. This allows businesses to take proper steps to make those areas easier to understand.

  • About 80% of customers believe that AI-driven chatbots help improve their experience.
  • Generative AI increases productivity at work by almost 15%.

Faster Resolution

It is not a surprise that machines are faster than humans and are better at automating processes quickly. Thus, AI-based chatbots are much more efficient in pulling out relevant answers than humans in no time. They also assist support agents by filtering out spams so that time is not wasted on non-issues. Bots’ quick resolution time is one of the most appealing factors amongst consumers. Unlike bots, at times when users need a fast response, they no longer have to wait for hours for a support agent to pick up.

Routing Calls to the Respective Agents

Repeating issues every time a consumer gets redirected to different agents is honestly tiresome and irritating. The problem of getting routed to the wrong service department is one of the leading causes for customer loss. AI solutions like bots ensure that customers’ calls and issues get routed to the respective agent. This reduces the lost time of routing to wrong agents, and saves time by offering the right answer!

Reducing Errors

AI customer experience efforts identify and solve minor issues quickly before they blow up and hamper the organizational process. Unlike human labor, AI-driven tools do not face burnout from repetitive tasks, thus, the chances of making mistakes is absolutely negligible. Its data processing abilities also lets AI analyze more data and offer context to decision making. As AI algorithms view data holistically, it reduces the risk of errors. It is a cost-effective way to eliminate manual data entry.

Preventing Churn

In the past, businesses used to rely on customer analytics, a tool to help make decisions based on customer emotion. Now with digital transformation, AI powered tools like sentiment analysis along with natural language processing (NLP) analyze more than thousands of keywords that enable businesses to understand customer interactions and their sentiments, which thereby help predict churn. For instance, by studying such interactions and gauging user sentiments, you can identify at-risk customers. If customers are unhappy with a specific service, your company can now reach out and offer support that fits best with the concern. Such measures can help retain consumers and maintain relationships.

Maintaining Cross-channel Consistency

These days users keep oscillating between mobile and desktop, social media page and webpage. AI solutions can track customer interactions across different platforms to enable users to continue from where they left off rather than starting afresh. For instance, you are filling in your details on your phone for the signing off process when your battery dies and you are forced to switch to your desktop to complete the process. Rather than filling everything again, you can pick up from where you paused.

Sending reminders and personalized mailers to customers with respect to a purchase are also examples of AI-based efforts.

AI has challenged and restructured the customer experience landscape that enabled companies to attain sustainable growth, drive customer loyalty, and gain a competitive edge in the market. It is absolutely essential to adopt such AI solutions. 

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