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How to hire cross-platform app developers in India?

Amidst volatile market trends, corporations and decision-makers look for rapid and flexible mobile app solutions. Data from Statista shows that cross-platform apps are expected to generate more than US$935 billion in 2023.

Flutter, developed by Google, was initially released in December 2018. With rapid evolution and updates, Flutter cross platform app development is gaining increasing popularity among developers and is the third most popular and loved framework to build mobile apps.

The Flutter platform offers a complete UI kit within a robust and agile framework. This allows developers to build complete cross-platform mobile apps reducing time and cost. 

Having dealt with several clients, we understand the questions and processes involved in hiring a cross-platform app developer in India. This blog post will help you make the decision.

The role of the cross-platform app developers 

Cross-platform app developers need to be proficient in the following:

  • Design and development of simple and complex applications
  • Applying clean code
  • Staying up-to-date in development trends
  • Prompt, comprehensive bug fixes 

Finding App Developers

With the vast number of options available, finding cross-platform app developers who are a good fit for your project can be daunting. The first thing to do is decide if a developer is required or an app agency. If bootstrapping, a freelancer will be the better option. However, if looking to build an enterprise-class app, hiring an agency is the way to go.

Here are our top tips to guide you in finding the right partner:


It is essential to understand the nuances of the industry before hiring. We recommend consulting a few app development specialists to gain a basic knowledge of the domain.

For instance, the programming languages used average rates and relevant skill sets. 

This will help in choosing the optimal technology partner based on current requirements.


It is important to understand their experience with cross-platform app development. Find out if the developers have worked on an app similar to the one you are hoping to build. This will provide a definite picture of their abilities and what you can expect from them. 


Communication is non-negotiable. There needs to be a mutual understanding of expectations and requirements. If the developer does not understand your requirements, they will not be able to deliver a product tailored to your expectations. It is essential to know how well they can perceive your vision, the product, and the goals.


Set clear expectations about the requirements in the initial meetings. This works to accelerate the development process and minimize conflicts. Communicate clearly and understand how they work.

Screening or vetting

Screening or vetting is the next step in hiring cross-platform app developers in India. It is necessary to shortlist developers based on the requirement. 

Consider the following factors to make a choice:

  • Experience
  • Expertise in developing similar applications in the same domain
  • Their portfolio
  • Check user feedback of their apps
  • Cross-verify whether this is a genuine and quality service

Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Cross-platform App Developer in India

The Budget

The budget needs to be decided while hiring an app developer. While it may be enticing to have the app contain every impressive feature out there, it is crucial to be realistic and figure out what is necessary and what is not.

Having an idea of the cost of app development will help decide on a tentative estimate of the budget. 

The various aspects that contribute to the cost are 

  • The type of mobile application
  • The requirements
  • UX/UI design
  • Functionality type
  • Software developers

Maintain a certain degree of flexibility with the budget, but without playing it too loose. 

Freelancer or a Company?

When you think of app development, this is the first question that comes up. No matter which route you choose, ensure that your development partner signs an NDA. 

In-house app developers

Hiring an in-house development team is arduous and expensive. An in-house team will be counted on the payroll and treated as a full-time employee. This is the most expensive solution as it increases overhead costs tremendously. Let us assume you have an app development team. You need to develop an app on Flutter, but this team is not proficient in it. 

One option here is to have your developers learn Dart and Flutter. This is a good bet if you are not time-bound, as it might take the team several weeks or months to gain proficiency. 

An agency

Or you could hire a mobile app development agency with experience in Flutter. This might be the option for you, particularly if you are pressed for time and want quick results. However, it might prove to be more expensive than the first option. 

When outsourcing app development, there may be communication gaps. However, if an experienced project manager is managing the development, this will not be a problem. Additionally, an agency will also set up an on-site development team, making the benefits more prominent.

Simply search for ‘mobile app development agencies near me’ on Google and shortlist the top results for an interview.

If you require a streamlined, feature-rich, and advanced app, the development process will be more complicated. Find out how the developers work—their approach, skill set, experience, and payment model, based on what you need.


Another option is to go down the freelancer route if you have a limited budget and the project is reasonably straightforward. This means experienced, proficient coders will need to be hired.

There are plenty of credible resources on the official groups of Google, Facebook, Apple, Windows developers. Platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, and even Reddit help in hiring a full-stack developer. While these sites are great, you always run the possibility of people exaggerating their skill sets, ability level, and capabilities. This might lead to the company hiring coders who are not the best fit for the project. 

However, there are plenty of competent freelancers. You need to search for them and carefully review their references and experiences before you take a call.

It is essential to be sure about the freelancer’s competence relative to the project needs. Do not compromise on the concept, quality, app design, delivery, or functionality due to money constraints.

Ready to hire a Flutter developer?

  • Confirm the budget for the project
  • List out all the requirements 
  • Decide on freelancer or development company

There is more to building an app than simply coding. It would be best if you had a team. Personnel for business analysis, a UI/UX designer, and a QA tester. 

Enquire after the whole package. Agencies will offer the entire package. Freelancers will also have/refer people they work with regularly whom you can hire for the project.

After you have found the right development team, have them sign an NDA to protect the code. Make sure the terms and conditions are clear, and there are no loopholes. After signing the required documents, you can start your development process with the team.

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We have now tried our best to articulate how to hire a cross-platform app development team in India. We recommend hiring an in-house app development team if you require to start up a software development company.

Outsourcing the job to an app development company is an optimal choice if you are an established enterprise looking to expand your team. 

If you need any further guidance or want to consult a leader in cross-platform app development, please reach out to us.

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