Unlock the Power of Low Code, No Code: Revolutionizing Development
Powering up your product with end-to-end engineering solutions with our low-code application platform.

Potential Benefits of Zeal Low Code Application Platform

Powered by Generative AI

The tool has an in-built Generative AI model, enabling prompt-based and speed-based accelerators. This makes the designer’s life fairly simple. Through this feature, the designer is only expected to dictate their needs and requirements, which thereby then shapes up the immersive UI experience.

Functional Across Platforms

Due to its low code base, the application curates attractive UI designs in less time. Not only that, it is developed while keeping its functionality compatible with every device and operating systems in mind.

First Class Integration

The integration process of data is quite seamless and hassle-free. Wherever data resides, you can easily integrate and act upon it - whether it is cloud services, RDBMS, or legacy systems. This helps IT professionals as well as non-techs to maintain the workflow.

Speed to Market

Featuring seamless low-code drag and drop UI builder development, the tool helps build enterprise-ready applications and immersive UIs quickly and easily. This also helps increase the speed to market, as businesses can in a jiffy deliver new launches and products in the market, to customers. The feature unifies your people, technologies, systems, and the data, and creates a smooth workflow that yields positive results.

Low Code Platform

What makes the operation of the application striking, is the needlessness of technical skillset - credit to its low code platform. The platform helps create flexible applications quickly to finish specific tasks. It boosts faster delivery and enhanced productivity. This can also help combat risks and evolve with requirements, thus, enabling customer satisfaction.

According to studies, companies who build customer-facing applications via a low code platform increase revenue by about 55%. With the help of Zeal Low Code Application Platform, you can now reduce time and cost in app development stages. It increases the go-to-market time and offers their end product to customers fast.

Key Qualities of a Zeal
Low Code Application Platform

  • Quick and seamless augmented reality experiences
  • Availability of cloud-based recognition
  • Options for geolocation and QR code mapping
  • Drag and drop API data
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simplified enterprise or genetic API integration 
  • OCR and camera functions with drag-drop options
  • No prior technology experience is required
  • User-friendly programming interface
  • Easy to build applications

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