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How do i generate SEO sitemap in rails ?

What is sitemap ?

Sitemap is nothing but a .xml file containing urls available on your site

It contains URL, last modified date, frequency of content change and priority ( between 0..1 )

Why we need sitemap ?

We can submit sitemap file to search engine. It will help them in analysing what urls on your site are available for crawling.

What is xml pattern ?

[sourcecode lang=”xml”]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns="">



What will be the path for sitemap ?


Are we going to generate sitemap manually ?

No… there is mephisto sitemap plugin.We can use it.

script/plugin install

Am i needed to generate to sitemap for each request ?

No ………..we can generate it in background task daily basis.

How it will be accessed for request to sitemap ?

we can define path to local file in routes.

map.connect “sitemap.xml”, :controller => :sitemap

Class SitemapController

def index

render “some local file path”



Here are the reference links

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