Driving Open Source

We take pride in working with our community on various events, platforms and collaborations. True to our name, we are passionate about helping the progress of technology disruption in all forms.

Rubyconf India

RubyConf India is a global event complementing other RubyConf events across the world. This year our event is a 2-day, single track event focused on Ruby Language, Framework and Tools.

Rails Girls Pune

During the one-day workshop for women, we’ll dive into the magical world of Ruby on Rails. The event is aimed at encouraging more women to choose a career in tech, by exposing them to a full stack web development framework like Ruby on Rails.

Gophercon India

Go is an open source project developed by a team at Google and many contributors from the open source community.

Donation Management Software for Seva Sahayog:

Seva Sahayog Foundation aims at engaging socially conscious corporates, groups and individuals, with NGOs of matching interests. Currently they use receipt books and hard copies for managing donation receipts. Our team developed a responsive APP for managing recipt generation and donation management. This system will be able to reduce the usage of paper by a significant percentage, and will be an important step towards making the Seva Sahayog Foundation office a paperless office.

SPlat - SMS Platform

SPlat is an integration platform to make use of SMS integration really easy. It ensures single point of integration, supports changing vendors without changing code, sending and receiving SMS, scheduled delivery and tagged groups. It isn't a SMS gateway but a generic layer on top of it. It was presented by Gautam at Lone Star Ruby Conference, 2010.

Ruby Meetup

A group created to spread awareness of Ruby in Pune. The idea is to engage with students interested in learning Ruby and Ruby related frameworks like Rails and many others! The group is of Professionals working in Ruby, sharing experiences, solving problems, giving demos and presentations.