Cloud Computing: The Digital Shift 2.0 – Understanding the Current Market Trends

Our primary source of motivation and passion for being the best comes from our team members. Hailing from a simple working-class family, Surya is Captain Consistency for his team. 

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from KNIT, Sultanpur, and I come from humble beginnings. My parents have been my role models, and I aspire to develop their strength and generosity. Having been an engineer for nearly two years now, I believe engineering lends itself to life beautifully. Working smartly is more important than working hard, which has held for all facets of my life. I wish to contribute to the greater good in society and emulate my parents.

Playing chess and listening to podcasts help me wind down while improving my creativity and problem-solving abilities. I also enjoy painting and indulge in it every once in a while. I want to impact people’s lives with my work positively.

My career at Josh helps me push myself and move out of my comfort zone. I love learning new things and the work culture at Josh allows me to grow personally and professionally. I particularly love the Open Source Events called Josh Talks. As an employee-oriented organization, Josh offers a great framework to learn and innovate. I believe consistency in learning is the key to success.


– Surya Prakash Gond