Cloud Computing: The Digital Shift 2.0 – Understanding the Current Market Trends

Having played multiple roles in varied capacities, Sangam adds to our team, a multi-disciplinary work ethic and a unique blend of motivation gleaned from the teachings of iconic figures that he abides by.

I like spending my spare time sketching and cooking. But I truly find myself when I’m away for days exploring places off the beaten path in search of breath-taking vistas—be it on treks to secluded mountainsides or off-road bike rides to pristine seascapes.

With over 8 years of cross-functional experience in the industry, I have had the privilege of wearing multiple hats through the years, from Customer Support and Sales, all the way to Operations and Project Management.

I hope to do well in my personal and professional life, and the trick to doing that, I’ve gathered, is to learn from every possible source at one’s disposal. Everywhere I’ve been and everywhere I go, I try to learn as much as I can from the daily challenges life throws at me. I also try to draw wisdom from the lives and experiences of inspirational figures from all walks of life.

At Josh, life is fast-paced, and yet there are endless opportunities for learning and self-growth. The environment is very professional, but people still find time to express their friendly and fun-loving selves.
If you’re looking to start out at Josh, my only advice to you is, embrace changes, opportunities and challenges alike, with open arms. The very nature of growth and success demands you to be malleable. Back your good intent with hard work, and you will find yourself achieving wonders!

– Sangam Singh