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Types of Cloud Security

The post-pandemic market is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way data is stored and maintained. The move from on-premise storage to the cloud storage system has become a much-talked-about topic.

AI Chatbots in Insurance & Benefits

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML) has been actively reshaping the way regular duties are performed across verticals. The BFSI market is at an evolving point too, courtesy of the adoption of AI chatbots and virtual assistants steadfastly transforming finance and insurance-related activities.

Want To Know the Fundamentals of Server less Cloud Technology?

A simpler, more economical method of creating and running cloud applications is known as serverless computing. Moreover, serverless cloud technology can make the transition to the cloud as you upgrade your apps easier. Let’s find out how you can consistently deploy and operate your serverless cloud applications across on-premises data centers, edge computing environments, and any vendor’s public cloud infrastructure.

The Future of Banking is Digital: How Can You Get a Head Start?

Increasing pressure from customers, competitors, regulators, and even worsening market conditions have plagued the world of retail banking of late. The industry must find a way to adapt and innovate with digital transformation at an unprecedented scale. But what are the success factors for this massive endeavor? And what technologies will play the most pivotal role?

How You Can Ensure Seamless Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid Cloud is taking over the IT industry. A recent report indicates that about 60 percent of organizations worldwide have already implemented this new norm of cloud computing. But before you jump on the bandwagon, check out what the path toward successful hybrid cloud adoption looks like.

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Wondering Why Should You Consider Moving to The Cloud?

Cloud computing is booming in the market for offering top-notch security solutions, along with other advantages. Processing 94% of global businesses’ workloads, this computing strategy is changing the face of enterprises. Explore how you can increase your business’s ROI by staying on top of the cloud management platform market.

Why Your Business Needs Robotic Process Automation

Being extensively used in different industries like IT, BPO, Healthcare, and Insurance, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been emerging as one of the fastest-growing technologies. Automating repetitive digital tasks, RPA technology is great for replacing human workers to perform rule-based business processes with greater reliance and precision, besides providing myriad other benefits.