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In a digitally evolving world, convenience matters most to the customer, especially in the case of buying behaviour.
Brandscope was started in 2011 with an aim to simplify the selling process for suppliers and agents in the Australian surf industry. The goal was to create an omnichannel delivery platform for brands through webstores and brick and mortar retail outlets. The main purpose of this platform was to reduce logistical barriers between brands, suppliers and retailers.


Australian brands follow a release years’ concept, where new designs are introduced to the retailers every six months. Catalogues are distributed to the retailer community, who then place orders according to their clients’ needs. The need of the hour was a dynamic platform for retailers, distributors and consumers to provide them with a holistic, real time view of inventory and aid cost management.

product modernization


The traditional distribution system consisted of catalogues that were disseminated to retailers six months in advance, after which client orders were taken. This entire process was extremely time consuming, and a new age solution for efficient stock management was required. A poor choice of platform had impacted delivery rates as well.


The pre-created platform was rebuilt from scratch and the entire framework was revamped by the Josh team. Within five months, the entire code was reengineered using Ruby 2.1 with MongoDb as the data store. An all integrated high performance solution for the Australian apparel industry was created. Despite such a challenging time frame, the project was completed in time, and the platform went live with more than 10000 catalogue items online. An all integrated high performance solution for the Australian apparel industry was created! The internet portal supported high resolution product photographs, videos, catalogues and social network ratings, mimicking the traditional retail experience. What started out as a project specific to the surf industry slowly evolved into a solution that the entire apparel industry embraced!

josh edge


Time to market for salespeople reduced to 15 days from 3 months

Scalable omnichannel e-Commerce platform for the Australian apparel industry, available across Europe and USA as well

Reduced overhead costs and enhanced environmental sustainability

Real time view of inventory and digital stock management