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Top AI-based HR Tools in 2022

AI-based HR Tools

The use of AI has found its way into the HR department, with over 65% of HR departments using these tools in 2020. By 2023, that number is predicted to rise to over 77%. 

AI-based predictive analytics tools are being used by the HR departments of many businesses to automate the recruitment process. Using the power of machine learning, these tools can help match suitable candidates to the job openings most relevant for them.

Let’s look at some of the most promising AI-based HR tools that are being used by big businesses around the world.


TurboHire is arguably the most popular AI-based recruiting tool in the world, one that made the automatic sourcing, screening, and assessment of candidates mainstream. The tool enables collaborative and structured automation of the hiring process, using data-driven insights extracted through a combination of human and machine intelligence.

Additionally, the tool’s military-grade security of data and communications has ensured that more than 5000 businesses have adopted it.

Top clientele: ClearTax, Wakefit, ICICI Bank, Cure.fit 


With Skillate, you can make hiring more efficient and effective by using an innovative decision-making engine. The tool features an AI-based JD assistant for writing attractive job descriptions. Its deep-learning-enabled intelligent hiring services include the ability to automatically extrapolate key information from resumes. Skillate can also automatically schedule interviews and provide data-based key insights about the hiring process.

What’s more, in order to keep the hiring process completely bias-free, businesses can also choose to hide the personal information of candidates, through Skillate.

Top clientele: Sony, Mahindra, L&T, Ola, Trell, BigBasket, Grofers, Rapido


This recruitment tool with AI/ML-based insights includes a virtual expert that oversees and automatically processes job applications. Using the tool’s Intelligent Heuristics, candidates are ranked on multiple parameters or combinations of those parameters. Providing a holistic view of the professional relationship with candidates using its CRM, Talenture enables businesses to source candidates from multiple locations such as career websites, social media pages, job portals, and even email or locally saved folders.

Top clientele: JobExcel, Recruise, GenNEXT

Zoho Recruit

With this cloud-based candidate tracking system, you can source applicants, filter their resumes, and build your own custom process workflow as per your business preference. Its chatbot feature also enables real-time interactions with applicants. The tool also features its own software, nicknamed Zia, to match candidates’ resumes with specific parameters mentioned in job profiles, and also create a list of top matching candidates.

Top clientele: Airtel, SpiceJet, OnePlus, Yokohama


A conversational AI-based recruiting tool, Mya helps automate large-scale candidate engagement and communication processes. The tool converts all site visitors into a pool of candidates. It extrapolates key data points and associated insights from conversations with applicants, using its own Natural Language System. After that, the applicants’ profiles are updated with those insights, you can compare those profiles to select the best match.

Top clientele: Loreal Paris


This innovative recruitment tool uses a combination of behavioral sciences and gamification to assess candidates’ cognitive and emotional attributes and their numerical and logical reasoning skills.

Pymetrics is also designed to adhere to gender and ethics fairness standards in its algorithms.

Top clientele: Tesla, Accenture, Mercer, and Unilever

Final Thoughts

AI and automation are everywhere now. Even in Human Resources, which had probably remained one of the most human-centric departments, AI and automation have reinforced their place. If you’re developing apps in today’s world, regardless of the domain you seek to serve, you can no longer afford to ignore the incorporation of AI-based automation anymore.

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