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Hire Mobile App Developers For More Than One Reason

Research by Statista shows that the number of smartphone subscriptions worldwide is around 6.4 billion and is forecast to grow further by several hundred million in the next few years. China, India, and the United States are the countries with the highest number of smartphone users.

With the exceptional growth of mobile commerce, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have quickly realized the importance of targeting smartphone users for the success of their e-commerce portal. 

Mobile apps have emerged as the new platform for enterprises to increase engagement, promote their brands, reach the target audience, and earn greater returns on investment (ROI).

When organizations develop a fair idea about the kind of application and the basic features they require, they must hire a top mobile app development company to build an app that perfectly meets their needs and appeals to end-users.

Top mobile app developers bring the necessary knowledge and expertise to the table and help develop the best apps for your company at minimum costs.

So, here are the top 6 reasons why you should hire mobile app developers.

Hire Mobile App Developers for More Than One Reason

When companies go into the market in search of mobile app developers, they are usually presented with three options – 1) mobile app development companies, 2) freelance mobile app developers, and 3) a dedicated in-house mobile app development team.

However, hiring a top mobile app development company is more likely to yield the desired results because of several reasons – 

1. Focussed mobile app developers at your disposal

It goes without saying that your in-house IT team will have their plates brimming with tasks other than building mobile apps for the company. That is where an outsourced mobile app development service comes into the picture.

Hiring a top mobile app development agency is more efficient. It saves time because the developer company’s role is to only focus their time and resources on building the app. 

With freelance mobile app developers, it’s usually one individual handling everything themselves. Hence, they might not be as dedicated as they may have many other projects in their kitty to cater to simultaneously.

2. Specialized skills, expertise, and knowledge

Hiring a mobile app development company means getting access to the most skilled individuals with the proper knowledge and expertise. 

A single mobile app development agency can provide you with a complete stack of services, including designers, developers, and testers. They are always at your beck and call to recommend the most suitable platform, UI/UX, and other features for your mobile app. 

3. Budget-friendly offerings

Deciding to hire a mobile app development company is more economically viable than a freelance developer or an in-house app development team.

With a mobile app development company, organizations pay a fixed price for the work (i.e., building the required mobile app). They needn’t worry about accessing the right equipment, internet, power supply, and latest technologies.

Additionally, most of the top mobile app development companies offer flexible plans for large enterprises and startups.

A mobile app development company is more budget-friendly than recruiting in-house developers regarding salaries and frequent training expenses.

Moreover, freelance developers may have higher rates, and their lack of professionalism sometimes proves stressful for clients.

4. A dedicated project manager who oversees all processes

A mobile app development company does away with the hassle of supervising every stage of the app development process.

Instead, each project is assigned a manager to oversee all processes – from design and development to testing and post-deployment repair.

The dedicated project manager acts as a single point of contact between your organization and the developers – ensuring everything, from managing the resources, planning, and cost, helping clients understand the entire process, and taking their input so that the app turns out as desired – runs seamlessly.

5. Always stay abreast with the latest technologies.

An app development company possesses the latest, most advanced technologies to provide their clients the best services.

Hence, hiring a mobile app development company ensures your mobile applications are updated and future-proof.

Choosing freelance developers or in-house IT personnel over a mobile app development company would often mean investing funds for the latest technological innovations or settling for a lower-quality product.

6. 24X7 service and post app development support

Unlike a freelance developer who may have other things on their schedule, an outsourced mobile app development company prioritizes your company’s needs even after the launch of the application to build a valuable, long-lasting relationship.

They provide round-the-clock support to help with any concerns or desired improvements, additions, and updates to the app’s design, functionalities, and features.

How can Josh Digital help?

We, at Josh Software, have been working with leading companies to help them develop applications and go to market faster than ever before. We provide varied engagement models for different services. 

Our capabilities include mobile & web-app development, staff augmentation, and niche technologies like IoT, AI/ML, cloud computing, and automation. 

Our tech stack hosts several advanced solutions, including Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Java, Ruby, and Kotlin.

To know more about our mobile app development services, please feel free to schedule a personalized consultation with our team of experts.

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