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Open Source is being used every where today, if you're using an Android Phone then you're probably using some open source component.Even if you look at applications made on iPhone, they are probably using some open source library at core - Gautam told Devworx
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The Economic Times
About a year ago, Gautam Rege decided that he wanted to do something to give back to the open source community.Rege, along with Sethupathi Asokan, is the cofounder of Josh Software, is among the top companies working on the Ruby on Rails framework in India."With an experience of many years in the open source world, we realised that there is a need to build a platform for measuring the open source contributions, which coders make every day across the world" Rege told ET
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The Golden Sparrow
Pune based Josh Software is a global leader in developing web solutions for clients that are rooted on the open source programming framework, known as Ruby on Rails - or just Rails.Singular focus on technology has helped Josh roll out solutions that are more often faster, more scalable and robust than similar solutions on other platforms
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Deccan Chronicle
The adoption rate for Ruby on Rails has grown up to 15 per cent among start-ups, since 2012.
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Devworx talks to Gautam Rege about Gophercon India
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Open Source For You Magazine
Gautam Rege, Founder Director, Josh Software in conversation with Open Source For You magazine discussing Josh Software’s adoption of Ruby on Rails development as its primary business model and finding the right talent and other challenges related to open source development.
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India Techonline India
Pune-based Josh Software crafts Ruby-on-Rails solutions for a global clientele
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PC Quest Magazine
Gautam Rege, Founder Director, Josh Software talks about the emergence of Ruby on Rails as a popular framework and its position in comparison with JAVA and .NET
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Ruby will be the preferred language in the future
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Future for ruby on rails developer really bright
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Tips and Tricks for budding ruby developers
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Press Releases

    City based techie develops app to track premature baby's health
    The Will’s Way Foundation looked to partner with an open source solution provider who could help them develop a platform to track, monitor and connect a parent, a baby and a nurse in an ICN. The founders approached the team at Josh Software with an aim of we3healthdeveloping a mobile-based solution, to keep the parents and child connected on a real time basis. Josh Software is accredited with building a similar NICU product in India, known as Kimaya NICU.

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    CodeCuriosity: Platform to aid Open Source
    To give a boost to non contributing members of society to donate back to 'open-source' in a way that is motivating and rewarding too, city based Josh Software has come up with a new concept of an online proficient platform to measure and track open-source contributionsby the community accross the globe.The idea was named CodeCuriosity

    Read More : Sakaal Times

    Parents Keep Track of Their Neonates’ Health on Real Time Basis
    We3Health’s journey started when Scott Bolick and Brittany Lothe’s son Will was born premature in the 24th week and kept in the ICN – Intensive Care Nursery (also known as NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). They realized the hardships and challenges parents face when they saw their infant fighting for his life, and decided to start We3Health.

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    Josh Software sets up two firms in Internet of Things and app development space
    Josh Software, a Pune-based company that builds innovative web applications, has set up two firms in the Internet of Things and app development space. Josh is among the few companies in India that work exclusively in Ruby on Rails, an open source software which is the basis for apps such as Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb and Twitch.

    Read More : The Economic Times

    Ruby on Rails based Helps Teenagers Grasp Concepts Faster
    Technical expertise and domain knowledge are imperative for students to have successful careers. However, complementary skills like communication, leadership, critical decision making, innovation and creativity are important. Keeping this in mind Fundamentor, an innovative web based applications company, partnered with Josh Software

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    Clubbuzz Partners with Josh Software to build its new platform Groupbuzz
    ClubBuzz, a UK-Based sports club management portal, partnered with Josh Software, a leading Indian expert in building web based application using Ruby on Rails framework, to create a new solution catering to activity-specific groups on the platform. With the success of ClubBuzz, the company realized that this was an opportunity not only limited to sports, but for groups from all walks of life.
    Kimaya NICU Web Application decreases infant mortality rate
    In a joint venture with KEM hospital, Kimaya NICU a domain specific neonatal healthcare technology provider, neonatal ICUs now have a fully automated online platform to formulate nutritional supplements

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    Coding for jobs
    “If you just want a job, there are dozens of other languages you can learn,” says Gautam Rege, Ruby prophet, entrepreneur, and founder of Josh Software, one the few places in India which offers training in Ruby.

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    Open Source Technologies
    Gautam Rege, Co-founder & Managing Director, Josh Software, talks about open source technologies

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    Ruby On Rails Awareness
    Open Source “Ruby on Rails” Solutions - Josh Software

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    How businesses are using Ruby on Rails framework
    Josh Software has focused in on the Ruby on Rails framework to develop web solutions for their diverse clientele

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    Open Source For Students
    Colleges now invite start-ups for placement

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    Open Source din aane waale hain?
    The UK Government recently made a landmark decision to switch to open software software

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    2014 union buget expectation
    IT and ITES looking for impetus to growth, start-ups

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    Successful Journey Of Josh!!!
    Josh Software Develops Next Big Web Based Solutions

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    Ruby on Rails to the Rescue to Revolutionize the Australian Apparel Industry
    Brandscope, Josh Software Build Ruby-Based B2B Cloud Platform for Australia's Apparel Industry
    Garden City Ruby Conference
    Ruby on Rails developer community converges at Ruby conference

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    Ruby on Rails Developer Community converges at Garden City Ruby Conference 2014

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    Delivering the Best End User Experience Through a High Performance Web Solution for Educade
    GameDesk partnered with India based Josh Software to build high performance web solution for