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About Us

Driven by enthusiasm and passion, Josh Software is India’s leading company in building innovative web applications working exclusively on Ruby On Rails Framework.

We partner with our clients from concept and design to implementation and maintenance. We firmly believe that Programming is An Art and have a unique organizational process focused on building solutions to facilitate high performance, scalability, and high-standard code quality.

We are fanatic about Test Coverage, Continuous Integration and code smell. Timelines are important but code quality is far more important. Working code is fine but we also stress test our apps for concurrency and load. CodeClimate, CircleCi, Github, Pivotal Tracker, and Trello are some of the tools we use to ensure our clients are always happy!

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We have conceptualized and deployed more than 50 Ruby on Rails applications the world over across domains like manufacturing, travel, e-commerce, insurance, education and media. Here is a collection of some of our best work.

Meet our team

Our team of young, dynamic developers has been handpicked with one criteria – a hunger for developing path-breaking code. Learn more and connect with the Josh team.

Ruby Community

Apart from building and curating its own team, we undertake various initiatives in contributing back to the Ruby open source community. We have been actively promoting the Ruby on Rails framework in India through an annual national conference - Rubyconf India, regional conferences, our RoR blog, and organizing local meet-up groups. Our Founder-Director Gautam Rege, has also penned and published a book on Ruby and Mongo DB Web Development.